2SM Mornings program interview with Dr Rachel David on the Federal Government reviewing reforms for health funds

Station: 2SM
Program: Mornings
Date: 4/2/2021
Time: 11:48 AM
Compere: John Laws
Interviewee: Dr Rachel David, CEO, Private Healthcare Australia


NEWSREADER: The Federal Government is reviewing reforms for health funds. Under a new proposal, health funds would only have to pay the average price for medical devices such as pacemakers and hip replacements Private Healthcare Australia CEO Dr Rachel David says there shouldn’t be concerns about increasing out-of-pocket expenses.
RACHEL DAVID: The system we’ve got in Australia is completely inappropriate. People are paying through their health fund premiums, two to five times too much for the medical device component of their care. The system we propose comprehensively rules out the ability for extra co-payments to be charged.
* * END * *